God Unties the Knots of Our Hearts

Erik Raymond —  March 26, 2013

Often times Christians struggle with prayer because they forget the wonderful intimacy that comes from their relationship to God. We forget the access and we forget his love.

Jesus taught us to call God our Father (Mt. 6.9) and the Holy Spirit compels our hearts to cry out to God calling him Father (Rm. 8.14-17). This new relationship of being God’s child brings a new heart cry. It is the cry of intimacy, expectation, familiarity, and love.

Recently one of my children brought me one of their running shoes. The laces were in several knots. She had obviously attempted to untie the knot herself but had only added more knots to the equation. Finally, after realizing she was outmatched, she brought the sneaker to me. She said, “Daddy, can you untie this?”

Prayer is much like this. We come to our Heavenly Father with our heart and life all tied up in an impossible knot. Our own efforts to remove the problem only compound it. So we come to him in prayer with our knotted up hearts and say, “Father, can you untie this?” He is your Father so he delights to hear. He delights to attend your greatest burdens, anxieties, needs, and fears with his mercy, grace, love and compassion. He is your Father, he delights to untie the knots of your heart.

It is this reminder that God is not only able to work in our lives but willing to do so that drives us to pray. He is the true and greater Father who would never ignore or turn away his children. He welcomes you to himself. So wear out a path to that throne of grace with your heart all in knots.

Erik Raymond

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Erik has been writing at Ordinary Pastor since 2006. He lives in Omaha with his wife and kids while pastoring at Emmaus Bible Church. Follow regular updates on Twitter at www.twitter.com/erikraymond

One response to God Unties the Knots of Our Hearts

  1. Good words. God gives us what we need when we need it. Glad I found your website. Keep it up.