A Sermon Wordle

Erik Raymond —  July 30, 2008

I dropped the manuscript from my sermon this past weekend into the Wordle tool to see how it came out.  I was pleased to see that it was God-centered and all of the main points were emphasized.  This is a great tool.

a sermon on colossians  1.9-12

Here is the sermon audio.  The text is Colossians 1.9-12, emphasizing God-Centered prayer::

God Centered Prayer

Erik Raymond

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Erik has been writing at Ordinary Pastor since 2006. He lives in Omaha with his wife and kids while pastoring at Emmaus Bible Church. Follow regular updates on Twitter at www.twitter.com/erikraymond

3 responses to A Sermon Wordle

  1. I love the Wordle thing, I could sit and play with it for hours. It’s interesting to do what you did, take a text and Wordle it to see what the repeated words are that float to the top. I’ve done this with several long passages of Scripture, like Romans 8. Interesting.

    Looks like you have all the right “big idea” terms in there. When I get a minute I’ll have to listen.

  2. Erik,
    I took my sermon manuscript for this Sunday and put it in there. It was sort of a cool thing to look at. The gigantic word was “Jesus”.
    thanks for sharing,

  3. Steve, This is a big reason why I like you man…keep preaching the word and exalting Christ…!!