Why you need to have *that* talk with your kids regularly

Erik Raymond —  June 20, 2011

We all like surprises. We all like to laugh. When you combine these two together under the banner of some of life’s most basic questions, you have something special.

This is what my wife and I experienced on Saturday night.

We were outside at a mall here in Omaha. My wife was feeding our new baby boy as we sat and talked together on a bench.

Then we met this interesting young man. He was probably about 10. By all accounts, he was very bright. He was also very curious.

He marched up to my wife and I and exclaimed, “Oh, a baby!” He was clearly drawn to our son’s awesomeness (and smallness).

Then it happened.

The young man exlaimed (boy): “WHAT is he doing to you!”

My wife answered (CR): “He is eating.”

boy: “Eating what?!”

cr: “Milk.”

boy: “HOW!?”

At this point his Dad found him. He grabbed him by the arm and told him to get going. The boy wrestled free.

boy: “Why doesn’t he look like me?” (the young boy was Asian. of all the questions this one actually caught us the most off guard.)

Then the dad grabbed him by the arm, uncomfortably smiling at us and tried to bring him with him. However, the young curious boy sensing he was onto something big with us managed to wrestle free. He yelled one last question at us, “Is the milk in males to or females only!”

My wife graciously asuaged his concerns and curiosity with the correct answer.

Then we sat and rehashed the funny conversation. Within minutes he was back. This time I managed to snap a video of it (I apologize I can’t edit the video on my phone).

Notice my wife’s persistence in breaking down milk ducts for the boy. No doubt he felt like he was about to get all of the answers he ever wanted he asked the grand daddy question of them all. I love my wife’s response.

This is classic. It is a great reminder for parents to be talking to their kids, because, evidently, they do have questions. It is also evident that they will go and ask other people if you won’t tell them.

Erik Raymond

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Erik has been writing at Ordinary Pastor since 2006. He lives in Omaha with his wife and kids while pastoring at Emmaus Bible Church. Follow regular updates on Twitter at www.twitter.com/erikraymond

13 responses to Why you need to have *that* talk with your kids regularly

  1. That was great. What a pleasant lad. It’s difficult to talk about somethings in life, isn’t it. I’m quite shy when it comes to these kinds of topics. May our Lord help me overcome.

  2. That is terrific! I love your wife`s responses – especially, `now that`s a question for your daddy.`

    Made my day. :D

  3. He was so well spoken, I thought him to be a man. I’m sure you have this put away in your illustration lock box.

  4. “Now that’s a question for your daddy…” LOL

    That was great. Thanks for sharing and giving my wife and I a good belly laugh. Your wife handled those questions really well.

  5. I think you should know this, in case you are ever accosted by another child while your wife is feeding a baby, that men can indeed lactate. A doctor friend of mine confirmed this, but I am in no way condoning such action (especially since I have a one-month old myself right now!)

  6. Wow! I was usually asked the “milk” questions by three year olds. That boy looked kind of old. It is so true that they are going to seek answers from someone else if we parents don’t talk to our kids about “those” questions. Thakfully, that little boy had your wife!

  7. Wow, that was fun! God bless to both of you and the 6 little ones. Wow on that front too!!

  8. Funny thing is, for all his questions, he probably could’ve edited your video without even thinking about it.

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