These tracts are free for the download. I encourage you to use them liberally for the promotion of the gospel of Christ.

In order to have a quality print you are going to have to download the file, the resolution on these images here are too low for a quality print. The tracts are sized at 4 x 6 with a 1/8” bleed area. I have separated the files into the front and back of the tract. We typically have the tracts printed at a professional printer with a light to medium weight paper. The .pdf file type is preferred by most printers. (*see below for more printing guidelines)

If you download some tracts go ahead and leave a comment as to where you are doing ministry. This serves as a great encouragement to us here and others in the large vineyard of God.

The language used in these tracts is very intentional. God is a precise God and he has communicated to us clearly that we might do the same. Please also understand that there are severe space limitations so we could not cover everything on every tract. The tracts aim to be biblically faithful, so as a result they come across evangelistically zealous and essentially reformed in their tone and content. So if you are looking for clear, articulate, reformed tracts, we hope that we have served you well.

>Why is Jesus so Narrow Minded?

This tract deals with the exclusivity of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only one who is qualified to save sinners. This basic Christological doctrine is under attack from all angles today. This message needs to be disseminated in the world as well as the church, that we might grow ever impressed with the Savior. (you may read the full text for the back here)


(Download Front) (Download Text)

>Not an attribute of God?

So often in evangelism we encounter the erroneous understanding that God’s love triumphs over his righteousness and holiness. Instead, we read in the Scriptures that God’s love is characterized by holiness and in fact the cross of Jesus amplifies divine love and righteousness (Rom. 3.21-28). So this tract endeavors to promote the character of God in evangelism and eradicate this false view of God. (you may read the full text for the back here)


(Download Front) (Download Text)

>What is the penalty for one sin?

Here we are dealing with the reason why hell lasts forever and why Jesus alone may save. The eternal perfections of God demand the eternal condemnation of the wicked. How blessed are we to hold forth the eternal son, who offered an eternal sacrifice to satisfy eternal wrath and give rebels like us eternal life?! (you may read the full text for the back here)


(Download Front ) (Download Text)

Again these are all free and distribution is encouraged. Our only request is that you maintain the integrity of the tracts, do not sell them, and please point people back here that they may also take advantage of this resource. Thanks!!

for the increased fame of Jesus,

::erik raymond::

*Printing Guidelines:

Download these tracts to a CD or email them to your local print shop. Tell your printer that there are two files (front and back) in .pdf format to be printed on a 2-sided, full-color glossy cardstock paper. Ask to see the paper first before your printer starts the job, so that you can feel it’s weight and make sure it is thick enough. The tracts are designed to be 4″x6″ and at that size, your printer should be able to fit 2 tracts per 8.5″x11″ sheet of glossy cardstock. If you are going to print a large number of tracts, ask the printer to run a sample first for you while you wait so that you can make sure you will be happy with the result.


28 responses to Tracts

  1. Great tracts! I have been struggling on how to compress the gospel into a smal ltract without diluting or Arminianizing the message and I sure got pointers from you! Thanks man!

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  2. Glad this is helpful Leonard. You only have so much room on a little 4×6″ card :/


  3. Don’t mean to be picky, but why isn’t Bible capitalized in the tract “Why is Jesus so narrow minded?”

  4. Thank you for this post from a Presbyterian pastor in the north Dallas ‘burbs!

    John McCracken

  5. Thanks for these tracts, I’ve been looking for something like this for a couple of years.

    Reformed in Richmond KY

  6. J.Gary–just a style thing, no disrespect intended, for sure. maybe we’ll change it during the next go-round.

  7. John & Craig-

    Glad they are helpful. I am even more excited when I hear about good reformed theology in the South! Keep it up.

  8. Erik,

    Thanks- these are great tracks! I hope to use them for personal evangelism (once I have time to go get them printed!) and possibly for use in our church as well.

    In Christ,
    Jeremiah Mattingly
    Two Rivers Community Church
    Dayton, OH

  9. Good Stuff.

    Keep it coming. I will be using these texts in Albania.


  10. Erik,

    These are GREAT! I will print them out for use. Thank God for your clarity in exposing the Word, your love for the Gospel, and your guts for evanglism. Please be encouraged to know that the messages today and last night(at CBC Radio Hour) really challenged the way my wife & I view our neighbors, and how we want to contend for the gospel.

    Mike Thatcher
    Community Bible Church Brentwood, TN

  11. Mike,

    Glad you have use for them. Thank you for the encouraging words. My family and I had a most encouraging time at Community Bible. You all are so kind and friendly. And most importantly folks seemed to love the gospel…


  12. Dear I. C,
    Just a note to say that “we” have reproduced your tract “Why Is Jesus So Narrowminded” and made it available our Sunday School classes for a community blitz outreach. Alas, Methodists have all but forgotten “tracting”, to say nothing of forgetting our Calvinist heritage..Whitfield Charles Welsey, Martin Lloyd Jones.

  13. If possible, would you make these tracts available for download as picture files as well? It would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Thank you so much for the tracks.

    God has been laying on my heart the need to plce them and give them as I walk through life.. He has now, as He always does, supplied my need

  15. Eric Hi
    I use your Tracts,(modified) to fit one page for Prison Ministry.
    I wonder Becasue It has to fit on one page If you could come up with a tract on dicipleship?


  16. A brother and I will be using these tracts on New Year’s Eve in Pasadena California. Around 1 million people camp out on the sidewalk the night before the Pasadena Rose Parade. Thanks!

  17. Great tracts. Will be looking to print the leaflets next week. I just wanted to ask what specific weight paper type did you use? e.g. 130gsm gloss. Thank you.

  18. Um how do I get a bunch of these tracts in my hands? I don’t see the add to cart option anywhere lol. Please help!

  19. I like the tracts. I just need permission to translate them into Spanish or can you direct me to some reformed Spanish tracts. I am a reformed Baptist minister. We minister to the Spanish speaking community in the state of NM. Gracias y Soli Deo Gloria

  20. Thank you. I’ve been searching for months to find tracts or Bible based articles that would help me to develop my own tracts from my home, using good biblical information and my laser and/or inkjet printers, but I only wanted to make tracts that made biblical sense without including the use of the “sinners prayer”. This fairly new use of this “sinners prayer” has caused a lot of confusion, in my personal life and while trying to witness to people.

    When I first trusted Christ, years ago, the “sinners prayer” was never used, but when I began witnessing later in life people had begun using it and it was what pastors instructed people to pray if they came forward for salvation at the end of the sermon and the “call to salvation,” but for some reason I never felt comfortable with it.

    In evangelizing and witnessing to the lost, sometimes people seemed to say it just to get rid of us and someone would declare to them that they were saved, followed by saying “Praise the LORD,” and I felt uncomfortable for I wasn’t sure.

    Anyway, I already have some card stock that I can use from home, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me free usage of your materials. I will not change anything in it including your church information which is listed at the bottom of the tracts.

  21. Hi, I like your tracts! I have been passing out tracts for a long time now, I have a good one from Lake Road Chapel called “how would you feel?” and wanted to try these for a little while. I have a kinkos/fed ex near me and was wondering if anyone knows about how much it cost to print each one off? I go through A LOT of tracts in one week (campus and concerts)

  22. I used one of your tracts as a video on youTube
    If you do not mind I will do the same with the other tracts.
    God Bless!

    By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. (John 13:35)
    “Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you’re not saved yourself, be sure of that!” Charles Spurgeon

  23. Thank you for this valuable resource. I’ll be printing them to use in our ministry among International students in a city Romania.

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