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We all know that that technology can make things easier. I was reminded recently that embarrassment was among the things that technology makes easier.

As I visited with a new family at church I did what routinely do, share my contact information from my phone. The gentleman looked surprisingly, “Who’s knucklehead?”

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Math Class

Erik Raymond —  November 3, 2012

On Fridays I have the privilege of home-educating our children at The Raymond Academy. It is always rewarding and fun—it is also entertaining! In many ways I can relate to this video.

We all like surprises. We all like to laugh. When you combine these two together under the banner of some of life’s most basic questions, you have something special.

This is what my wife and I experienced on Saturday night.

We were outside at a mall here in Omaha. My wife was feeding our new baby boy as we sat and talked together on a bench.

Then we met this interesting young man. He was probably about 10. By all accounts, he was very bright. He was also very curious.

He marched up to my wife and I and exclaimed, “Oh, a baby!” He was clearly drawn to our son’s awesomeness (and smallness).

Then it happened.

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Here are a couple of recent pictures I have snapped on my iPhone as I am out and about. I seem to encounter funny things regularly and it’s been suggested that I share them on here.

The first was at HyVee Grocery in Omaha. The marketers of this beer apparently think that polygamy is attractive to beer drinkers. I thought Mormons didn’t drink?


This is a real product that I saw this at a cloth diaper store. Apparently it is for a diaper rash. I don’t get the connection to monkey flatulence, however, I am sure that some family thinks it us quite funny.


Since we are expecting another little niño and will now have 2 under the age of 2…we need a double stroller. It basically is like putting a Volkswagen in your trunk. The engineering is amazing, but at the end if the day, it is huge. Anyone else relate?


Each family has their big debates. In our family we keep coming back to two of the most complex, intriguing, and important topics of all time.  They have combined to complete an elaborate tapestry of argumentation that, as far as we know, is still hovering over Lake Michigan.

The debates center on proving the veracity of two theories:

  1. Is a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s?
  2. Is bread crust good for you?

I know that by bringing these topics up there is the potential to make this the most controversial blog post in the history of this site. However, this is no longer a matter of debate. We have a solution. I’m here to set the record straight.

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A long time ago I had a series of posts, “Another reason why people laugh at evangelicals & here & here.” It wasn’t the type of thing that gets you a blessing for being mocked either. It was getting laughed at for being cheezy. This video belongs in that series.

I have no idea what this guy is thinking. This is a good reminder to keep your fresh moves in the privacy of your home. Because, they probably aren’t that fresh. Somewhere Michael Scott is cringing over this one.

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(ht: Byron Yawn)

You know those people that have a laugh that makes others smile and laugh? I know you do. These are special people. I have a few in my life.

With those people, I have been known to think up jokes before hand and then try the surprise attack on them in a conversation. It’s kind of like a joke ninja move. It works. People laugh. I laugh. We all feel better.

I happen to also be married to one of those people with the good gift of infectious laughter. When my wife gets going, I mean, really gets to laughing, there is little that you can do to stop it. It is like a laughing tornado; you will get caught up and taken away to laughter land.

This happened last night as we went out as a family to watch Gulliver’s Travels. Jack Black is funny as advertised. This movie did not dissapoint.

What was interesting was how our 18 month-old little girl responded–not to the movie, but to her Momma. In one scene Jack Black is being tortured by a giant little girl. He was dressed up in baby doll clothes and is being forced to do things he does not want to. At this point my wife is dying with laughter. She is hitting me, kicking me, hardly breathing, and just managing to make a sound that is as funny as it is captivating. And our little girl is just locked in with this grin. She is smiling at her Mom as she laughs hysterically. She has no clue what is so funny, but she is laughing. (by the way, the other people in the theater also joined in with laughter. Their laughter was prolonged and I have a hunch that Mrs Raymond is to blame/credit for it.)

This reaction by our little one got me thinking as I was smiling. Laughter is such a good gift from God. When we are laughing we are carefree. We have momentarily escaped from the felt reality of this cursed world. We are transported to a place where we can honestly and heartedly…be happy. We do it without regard. We laugh out loud. We don’t care who hears us, we are laughing! What a blessed escape from life this is.

This is why I think it is important to have people around you who are funny. You need people who can make you laugh. This is especially true for pastors. I have a guy that I will text or call and say, “bring the levity.” He does not disappoint; he’s a funny cat. You obviously have to balance this out or you’ll be a joke and never take anything seriously; life is not a Calvin and Hobbes comic book. You get the point.

I’m praising God for the renewed realization of the gift of laughter. God is good to give us this gift in the midst of a broken world. These bursts of laughter are a reminder of a day and kingdom coming where happiness prevails. There will be laughter and singing there. There will be no more mourning or sadness. Laughter will not be an escape from that place but a trademark of it. God’s people will be happy. Until then, I praise him for the common grace of funny people and good gut laughs.

I love this video on so many fronts. This punter never gives up. The showboating return guy does a face plant. The return guy runs circles around the punter and then gets his heal clipped by the far less athletic punter.

Props to the punter, Jason Baker, for being an ordinary guy with extraordinary tenacity and effort.

Sometimes you just have to laugh and then look in the mirror. It becomes the appropriate resolution for strange incidents.

This was the case when I was at an appointment with my wife earlier. We were right on time and were intent on keeping on pace. As were entering the building an older gentleman with a cowboy hat, boots, string tie, and a midwestern ‘tude stopped us.

“Are you voters!?” He asked loud enough to make me think he was losing his hearing and that I should be sympathetic. “Yes sir.” We answered. “Well, I am — —. And I am running for the office of OPPD Secratary!” His passion was a combination of alarming and exciting. Nevertheless, I felt that I should reply in like tone. So, with a smile I belted back, “And, we are right on time for an appointment.” Then I waved and continued on.

Then he got kinda weird. He proceeded to yell at us as he waved his colored campaign ad paper at us. He reminded us who he is (I forgot his name), what he running for (I got it), and that we need to vote. Thankfully, his age, colored specs, and sweet gear mitigated his loud, strange, and pushy tone.

As we walked into the building one of the workers gave us the “Sorry you had to be exposed to that” look.

My wife and I both thought it was strange. I am thankful for people who want to work in public office. I certainly do not. However, I think there should be a book, like campaigning for dummies (maybe this?) or something that guys can read so they don’t come off so…I don’t know….crazy?

It reminded us both of this guy

This may be a good lesson for those who go about witnessing to complete strangers as they are carrying about their lives. We might want to mix in a hello, a smile, or at least a handshake before breaking into a tirade. Unless of course, we are wearing a cowboy hat, string tie, and boots; because then, apparently, it is socially acceptable.

Overall, it became a good opportunity for me to think about personal manners, body language, and kindness. Regardless of how passionate or committed I am about something I should still be charitable.

This Celtic Fan is…

Erik Raymond —  October 27, 2010

…I don’t even have an adjective. What can you say about this guy? He is obviously laying in wait for his moment. You have got to pick your spots, and this guy did. I love how the crowd gets into it too. I’m somewhat (in a strange way) ‘proud’ to be from Massachusetts. (video link)

(ht: 22words)

(ht: 22 Words)

‘Pope’ my Ride

Erik Raymond —  September 22, 2010

He seems to be taking this ex-cathedra thing a bit far.

(ht: Zach)

This video has been cracking my kids up for awhile now. Stick with it…it’s worth it. Whatever your facing today it’s not as bad as mighty mouse here.

This is just funny. Love the Bible highlighter bit. And it is funny…errr….sad that Erasmus gets burned instead of Servetus.

ht: James White

Sometimes people say, “any publicity is good publicity…” It is not true in this sense. Christians are supposed to be mocked because of the offensive/foolish message of the cross and how we cling to the hope of Christ because of his resurrection (1 Cor. 1-2; Acts 17).

But in this case the guys are featured because they are so ridiculous, by any standard. Sadly, the no-holds barred playbook of pragmatism seems to be the book that is dog eared in the pastoral study rather than the pastoral epistles. Guys, they are laughing at you not with you. And the rest of us are turning away in embarrassment.

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Recently I was in a church here in Omaha and was shocked to see this sign on the wall. It quoted Matthew 28 and then I noticed that it was trademarked. This was a shock. Here I was quoting this verse, applying it, even trying to do what it says, all the while it is trademarked by this church. I wonder what other verses they own the rights to. I obviously need to be more careful.

A Little Calvinist Humor

Erik Raymond —  November 16, 2009

Calvinist Kenny Halperman (right) suddenly regretted joining the “Free William Taylor” protest march.

(ht: Sacred Sandwich)

This is just meant to make you laugh.  No need to wonder aloud if the people who thought up this marketing piece had tossed a few too many back themselves or anything like that.  However, if you are a single guy this is just something that you should probably be aware of.

(ht: purgatorio)

I think this story is flat out hilarious.  ESPN recently ran this segment of a Duke fan who got quite creative in effort to distract Carolina players at the free throw line.

I was extremely surprised to see what this guy is doing with his life now.  I don’t know if I could go to pastor speedo guy’s church.  It would be a tough handle to shake.  Visuals are tough to get rid of.

This is not a typo.  Check out former President Bill Clinton on CNN:

“I’m too much of a Calvinist.  If I don’t work everyday I get nervous.”

Now, if there was ever a title that was universally misunderstood it is Calvinism.

In effort to serve you, the Irish Calvinist reader, I did a little research and found out that this is nothing new for Clinton.  Check him out a few years back flashin the solas without reserve.


This could mean big things for Calvinism though, just imagine the out flow of Clintonians that will now be rockin the John Calvin is my homeboy t-shirts complete with a tulip lid.  I wonder if the institutes will be in his presidential library.

Just a quick question in passing: How in the world can someone this smart, well read, and articulate say something like this that shows his thorough lack of understanding?

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